Delhi Faith and Justice

This group joins the United Ministry with members of several other local churches to work towards justice in our community. It meets monthly. We read, discuss, and support local projects, such as:

  • A Refugee Relief Drive worked to collect donations and share the stories of community members who have been refugees.
  • A film series on race, Get Woke, attracted hundreds of community members and generated important discussions with our neighbors about experiences of racism.

We believe that both scripture and our faith tradition compel us to face social and systemic injustices by being in authentic solidarity with those on the margins, building relational bridges, and witnessing to God’s kingdom in the public sphere.

For the United Ministry, coming from both the Presbyterian and Methodist denominations, our traditions have a rich history of advocacy and action. When we come together and listen to each other’s stories, we are equipped to challenge and to improve the moral conscience of society and its systems: from the abolitionist movement, the suffragettes (a few of whom were members of our own mother churches!), and the Civil Rights movements. We believe that our faith continues to provide us with theologically rich perspectives on the issues that continue to impact our lives today.